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Does This Password Sound Familiar?

Written by Duane Lansdowne

Log-in box on computer screenWorst Password, and two-time runner-up "123456" took the dubious honor. "Password" fell to #2.

Does This Password Sound Familiar?

You know the difference between a good password and a bad one. Many of us do like the convenience of a simple, easy-to-remember password that requires no effort to recall and type when we connect to our WiFi network, buy from our favorite e-tailer or use for online bill pay. But many of us also appreciate an added layer of security so we don't use an effortless password when sensitive data is on the line.

In a recent study conducted by SplashData, they looked at a sampling of over 3 million passwords (all of which were leaked during a data breach last year). They compiled a list of the most common passwords—and the results weren't all that surprising. 123456 was the No. 1 password used last year, followed by the classic password.

While these passwords may have the IT and security crowds shaking their heads in dismay, it's not all bad news. These popular passwords may offer next to no practical security, but according to the study, the 25 most common passwords only represent about 2% of the overall total.

This means most people don't use these passwords—or qwerty, or 111111, or iloveyou. The study found more variation among the most popular passwords versus the 2013 study. Is it a possible trend? Are people turning to more imaginative or secure passwords? Maybe, but only time will tell. Even if the study suggests most of us don't rely on overly simple passwords, SplashData's list serves as a reminder to use more secure passwords and to change them regularly.

Presenting "Worst Passwords to use"

Rank Password Change from 2012
1 123456 Up 1
2 password Down 1
3 12345678 Unchanged
4 qwerty Up 1
5 abc123 Down 1
6 123456789 New
7 111111 Up 2
8 1234567 Up 5
9 iloveyou Up 2
10 adobe123 New
11 123123 Up 5
12 admin New
13 1234567890 New
14 letmein Down 7
15 photoshop New
16 1234 New
17 monkey Down 11
18 shadow Unchanged
19 sunshine Down 5
20 12345 New
21 password1 Up 4
22 princess New
23 azerty New
24 trustno1 Down 12
25 000000 New
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Duane Lansdowne

Duane Lansdowne

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