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4.5 million patients Information Stolen. U.S. hospital breach biggest yet!

Written by Duane Lansdowne
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healthcareitA security expert tells Reuters that hackers exploited the OpenSSL flaw to steal the personal data of about 4.5 million patients held by the hospital group. If true, this episode marks the first known large-scale attack using the programming error, which was first discovered last April. It's also a reminder that businesses must invest in a security approach that emphasizes monitoring and network surveillance as well as a strong wall.

Hackers who stole the personal data of about 4.5 million patients of hospital group Community Health Systems Inc broke into the company's computer system by exploiting the "Heartbleed" internet bug, making it the first known large-scale cyber attack using the flaw, according to a security expert.

HIPAA violations are nothing to scoff at. Here are some examples of violations and large fines.

A 5-doctor practice in Arizona paid $ 100,000 for sending patient data through online e-mail.
The Alaska Department of Health paid $ 1.7 million for a lost backup tape.
A respected Massachusetts hospital paid $ 1.5 million for a lost laptop.

The government said even small practices must comply, and the fines were not just for the incidents, but for 'willful neglect' of the HIPAA Security Rule.

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