12 Things We Do Better for Healthcare Providers

12 Reasons Why Healthcare Professionals in Washington DC Metropolitan Area Trust Acclamar Healthcare IT, LLC. To Support & Manage Their Computer Network and to provide HIPAA Compliance Management Services.


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You'll eliminate trip fees and receive faster response to your problems and You Can Expect a Response From Us Within 30 Minutes Guaranteed. Our professional technicians will answer immediately or will respond in less than sixty minutes Guaranteed. The work is free if we don't get back to you in that 30 minute time frame.


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Ultra Speedy Repairs. It's understood, you don't want to sit on your hands waiting for your computer to be fixed. So we offer promptly remote network IT support services. You can access your computer network remotely through our network support services. We'll dispatch a technician that same business day, if not.


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We speak YOUR language. You'll get the clear answers to your computer and IT support questions that you deserve. You will not be made to feel uncomfortable by our team of IT support experts with unfamiliar technical jargon.


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Absolute 100% Satisfaction is Our Guarantee. Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We will bend over backwards to make you happy with our IT management & network support services.


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No Disasters Waiting in the Wings. Feel secure that your network or data will not be damaged in the process. We evaluate first to see if there are any potential risks before we begin computer maintenance services. We will explain to you any potential risks involved and get your okay before we begin the work. Alternative process is to have your data synchronize and backed up before we proceed any further on your machine.


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Our Guarantee We won't Nickel & Dime You and All Completed Projects Will Be On Time and On Budget. Know that by hiring us for IT Consulting, to complete a project or perform network services, there will be no nickel and diming for charges that are unexpected. Sometimes this happens with unethical and incompetent technicians who have improperly planned and researched. We make no excuses. We guarantee the completion of your IT support project ON BUDGET and ON TIME which will ultimately lead to success for your company.


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Expect Accuracy With Our Billing. Your invoice will be accurate and completely spelled out guaranteed. All IT management services charges are preapproved by you, you'll always know what you are paying for.


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We Manage and Maintain ALL of Your IT Vendor Services. We organize, maintain, and manage all third party resources and relationships with your other technology vendors so you won't have to spend YOUR time on hold and troubleshooting IT issues.


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Experienced, Certified, and All-Inclusive. The Acclamar Managed Services plan includes unlimited access to our team of Microsoft Certified technicians who solve problems correctly the first time and save you time and money. AND are HIPAA Professionals and Certified!


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We Know How to Use Technology to Make Healthcare Practice More Profitable and Productive. Most other IT companies don't have enough experience working with small and mid-size businesses to make the RIGHT recommendations for your business. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars with better suited vendors, software applications and services that saved money and improved productivity.


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We Understand HIPAA/HITECH and Security to Keep You Compliant. The Acclamar Managed Services team understands the importance of data security and HITECH/HIPAA compliance to keep our clients protected. We manage important security patches, e-mail and data encryptions, backups, disaster recovery planning and keep up with important HITECH changes.


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We Specialize in HealthCare. Acclamar is leading Financial & Technology Company specializing in healthcare technology, information management, and financial solutions. Combined with in-depth knowledge of healthcare processes we provide system installations, and training with the most comprehensive range of solutions, support, and services available.

What Should You Expect To Pay For IT Support For Your Healthcare Practice in the Washington DC Area

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Acclamar, LLC was very responsive to our company's needs.

They were courteous, willing to help, and most importantly, did the job right the first time. The fees for completing the job were reasonable (given the scope of the work needed to be done). The co-owner was available much of the time by phone/e-mail, and uploading documents to a secure server was very easy.

Our company had parted ways with our former CPA on

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