Transaction Advisory Services and Acquisitions

Trust Acclamar's transaction advisory services in the Washington, DC area. We provide risk assessments and more for all business acquisitions.

Transaction Advisory Services - Business Acquisitions

If you're a business owner who is ready to expand, you might be thinking about buying another business.

But business acquisitions are complicated. Before you enter into any business acquisition, it's vital that you understand the financials of the business you are thinking about buying.  You definitely don't want any surprises down the road.

The truth is, until you've hired an experienced CPA to perform due diligence and risk assessment, you won't know whether that acquisition is a worthwhile investment - or whether it's better to just walk away.

Experienced CPAs You Can Trust

Finding a CPA who has experience conducting due diligence in your particular business is essential, but finding an accounting firm that's easy to communicate with is equally important. Acclamar, LLC is that company.

Here's what we offer for our acquisition advising...

  • Determine whether the asking price is fair
  • Negotiate and structure the deal including terms of the loan
  • Assess whether the acquisition is compatible with long-term financial goals of your company
  • Evaluate the financial health of the company by analyzing cash flow and making projections
  • Meet with other third parties on your behalf including attorneys, bankers, and investors such as private equity firms
  • Determine the most favorable tax structure for the new business

Don't Buy Without Enough Information

Deciding to acquire another company is a major step in the life of a business. Make sure you handle it right.

For an experienced CPA you can trust to conduct due diligence and perform risk assessment for a business you're thinking about buying, get in touch today. Call us at (703) 270-1007, or fill in the contact form below.



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