We were particularly pleased that we saved over $5,000 and avoided a major technical error
The challenges we faced when moving into a new building were daunting. We needed someone who could coordinate our telephone and Internet provider, our telephone hardware providers, and internet security requirements. We needed to feel confident that if a problem ever arose in the maintenance of a secure computer network in a local setting with a VPN within a large national financial firm we had someone we could call and who was responsive to our needs.. Acclamar managed our move and the re-installation of our infrastructure from A Ė Z. We were particularly pleased that we saved over $5,000 and avoided a major technical error as a result of Acclamar's selfless consulting. On numerous occasions Acclamar has responded to software and hardware issues related to our network that would have prevented us from rapid and efficient communication. The biggest benefit to hiring Acclamar was the availability at any hour of the day with promptness of pleasant and professional technical support. There is nothing I would ask Acclamar to improve with their services at this time and would recommend Acclamar services to other business owners in the area.
Dickinson J. Miller
Washington, DC
Responsiveness of the staff is great.
Endeka design, install and operate wireless systems for US Government facilities. What we like most about Acclamar, LLC services was the responsiveness of the staff, and the fact that they due what they say they will due. Good competence on technical issues.The biggest benefits we experienced since hiring Acclamar was the ability to trust that the company will do what is needed to get the job done.The specific experience we were happy with was Acclamar able to respond quickly to an outage at a critical site, in short time frame, and get the site operating.
Tim Rout Endeka ,
San Diego, CA
Acclamar, LLC was very responsive to our company's needs.
They were courteous, willing to help, and most importantly, did the job right the first time. The fees for completing the job were reasonable (given the scope of the work needed to be done). The co-owner was available much of the time by phone/e-mail, and uploading documents to a secure server was very easy. Our company had parted ways with our former CPA on poor terms. Miranda Devlin, co-owner of Acclamar, LLC, was very responsive and explained the steps necessary to right our sinking ship. She reviewed our payroll and taxes of the past 2 years in their entirety and then made corrections where necessary, to include contacting the respective tax collecting agencies and making appropriate notifications to all other agencies to help close out our business. Acclamar, LLC assisted with closing out the our company's books and properly closed our business. Because of several mistakes made by our company's former CPA, the company had been charged penalties by the IRS for taxes that the company had already paid. Acclamar, LLC made the notifications to the IRS to document taxes already paid and helped avoid payment of additional fees.
Larisa & Peter Prinz Safety Plus Driving Academy, LLC ,
Manassas, Virginia
I like knowing that if anything happens to my data I am protected!!
I like knowing that if anything happens to my data I am protected. I now have monitored emails protecting all computers in the office from virus downloads. I like the ability to send in tech support requests from my desktop and the immediate response, either remotely or onsite. The specific experience that we happy with is when I lost my hard drive. It just broke suddenly. Acclamar repaired it immediately & I was back in business the next day. Almost all of my data is stored on a server, unfortunately I didnít backup my accounting software and had to recreate a few days of work. Even if you think you backup often enough, you really do not. Let Acclamar do it for you. I get notifications of low toner for the four copiers in the office, too No toner, no printing. The biggest benefits we received or experienced since hiring Acclamar, LLC is a peace of mind. That comes from knowing all is well; all data is protected, all hardware is running optimally, updates are regular, and help is there when needed. One less headache in a small office, especially when I donít know how to fix everything. I cannot think of anything I need Acclamar improve at this moment, but as time goes by, new technology comes out and I will contact Acclamar for their expertise's.
Kathy Swigart Virginia Carpenters, Inc. ,
Haymarket, VA.
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I like knowing that if anything happens to my data I am protected!!

  • Kathy Swigart
  • Virginia Carpenters, Inc.
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