Accounting Services for The Health Care Industry

Health Care Accounting

Running a medical or dental practice isn't easy. Acclamar takes care of the financials so you can focus on patient care. Washington, DC area.

Health Care Accounting

The health care industry is subject to numerous and complex laws and regulations. Trying to keep up with myriad and ever-changing healthcare-related rules makes it one of most challenging businesses to be in these days.

Combine that with spiraling costs, declining reimbursements, and maintaining standards for excellent patient care, and it’s no wonder that many medical and dental practices, physician groups, pharmacies, and health care clinics are wondering how to get back on financial track.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Many small to medium-sized health care practices find that the best way to gain traction again is to outsource healthcare accounting to an accounting firm…

That accounting firm is Acclamar.

As a full-service accounting firm serving doctors, dentists, physician groups, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Acclamar is uniquely qualified to take care of every aspect of your health care accounting needs.

We not only provide accounting expertise and financial solutions, but as a Cisco Partner we have a team of technology experts who make sure you have the right tools, such as up-to-date accounting software to help you better manage your business, increase profits, and address compliance issues.

What We Offer

Our dedicated team of CPAs works hard to provide you with the financial resources you need to manage your operating expenses, improve operating efficiency, and make smart business decisions such as:

Get Back to Taking Care of People

Whether you are a sole practitioner or you run a medical group or pharmacy, it’s time to get back to the business of taking care of your patients. When Acclamar takes care of your health care accounting needs, you can focus on delivering the best possible care.

For a free consultation or to learn more about health care accounting services, call us today at (703) 270-1007 or fill out the contact form below.