Health Care IT: Electronic Medical Records

EMR: Electronic Medical Records

Streamline processes within your healthcare facility with digital medical records to improve collaboration and secure access to patient medical information.

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What is EMR/EHR?

Healthcare facilities of all sizes can benefit from Electronic Medical/Health Records.

An EMR is a digital system for storing, organizing, and maintaining patient records. Any business can benefit from organization and easy-to-use technology. Healthcare facilities are no different. Digital formatting of medical records makes it possible for users to quickly view a patientís record from a central point of access. Cooperation between various departments and even separate care providers it essential to give patients the dates, most comprehensive care possible. The utilization of an EMR streamlines this process.

Solutions Made for Doctors

  • Centralized Practice Management
  • One Location for Medical Records
  • On-the-fly Updates
  • Go green with digital records
  • Easy to learn Interface
  • Simplified, standard records
  • Collaboration is made easy between practitioners
  • Transfer records more easily with the new digital format
  • Cost effective - drastically reduce the overhead associated with paper records
  • Reduce staff hours spent updating records
  • All records for a patient are consolidated into one location
  • Standardized documentation
  • Text entry reduces misinterpretation of records due to handwriting
  • Produce records on the fly
  • Changes are seen immediately  - if a patient is seen by multiple practitioners in one afternoon, nothing is missed or overlooked.
  • Training to use the software is available.
Our customizable EMR solutions are specifically created for doctors who can see an advantage from the organization and ease of a digital system.

Utilizing electronic medical records can be a giant step forward for your medical practice, but the time it takes to transfer all of your files over could be a great hindrance to the efficiency of your business. The experienced professional at Acclamator can make the transition from your archaic system to a state-of-the-art EMR by facilitating the training and support you need to get your system up and running efficiently. Acclamar is here to guide your office through the process of converting, utilizing, and leveraging technology to ensure you are providing the best possible service to your patients.

Save Time and Money

Quit consolidating records or waiting for changes made to medical information and greatly reduce the overhead that comes with the use of paper records.

With EMR solutions from Acclamar, a change in an individualís medical record is updated in real-time and can be seen immediately no matter who will be looking at them. This is especially beneficial when a patient has to been by multiple physicians in the same visit.

Our EMR solution can eliminate the cost and effort associated with completing transcriptions, as reports can be compiled digitally with the press of a button.

Couple this ease of use with Federal incentives for efficient healthcare practices and it can provide additional value beyond the benefits of streamlining the way your practice or hospital conducts day-to-day-business.


I like knowing that if anything happens to my data I am protected!!

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  • Virginia Carpenters, Inc.
  • Haymarket, VA.
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