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windows-server-2003-end-life-showcase image-3-a-8397Use At Your Own Risks! But Should This Be A Disclaimer? NO...

Migrate or Lock Down Servers, Experts Warn Organizations

HIPAA Security Russian RouletteData Security and Computer Treat Awareness Alert: We all know that money doesn't grow on trees so why play russian roulette with your medical practice future?

"Regardless of size, organizations cannot abandon protected health information or dispose of it in dumpsters or other containers that are accessible by the public or other unauthorized persons," said OCR Director Jocelyn Samuels.

Monday, 20 April 2015 14:55

Written by Duane Lansdowne

Data Protection Here are 5 Critical Things You Most Know To Stay Safe and To Protect Your Most Critical Information.

Checklist for computer security“Right Now, Who Is Watching Your Computer Network for Cyber Attacks, Spam, Viruses, Hackers, And Pop-Ups From Taking Over Your Computer Network”

Malware-Email-Website-All System ThreatsMalware is a general term for malicious software including viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. Many people use the terms malware and viruses interchangeably.

Trojan horse

Trojans are programs that pretend to be leitmate software, but actually carry out hidden, harmful functions.

CryptoLocker CryptoDefence CryptoWallSee how CryptoDefence and CryptoWall has picked up where CryptoLocker left off...

When an international law enforcement actions earlier this year takes out the Gameover botnet, the IT security community and it's victims were very happy to hear that the servers that held the CryptoLocker ransomware tojan needed to do its dirty work was taken down.

  Well, it's not over!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 04:19

How To Use Removable Media Securely

Written by Duane Lansdowne


Have you ever asked yourself or said the following about using USB drives or any other removable media?

Removable media, such as thumb drives, CD's etc... can be reprogrammed to steal the contents of anything written to the drive and to spread modifying malware, viruses or code to any computer it touches. The result could be a self-replicating virus that spreads throughout your computer or computer network much like viruses that spread by floppy disk decades ago.

Computer Green Eye
Browser hijackers change the default homepage and search engine in your Internet browser with your permission.

You may find that you cannot change your browser's homepage once it has been hijacked. Some hijackers edit the Windows registry so that the hijacker settings are restored every time you restart your computer. Others remove....

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