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Healthcare Organizations Deal In Large Amounts of Sensitive Data

The importance for healthcare organizations to create redundant data caches for is grounded in continuity.

It's true that a health care record is one of the most sensitive pieces of information that you can access digitally. It combines an individual's personal information with their medical record. For medical practices, it would be extremely difficult to function if you lost this information; not to mention how devastating it could be to your ability to properly diagnose and treat your patients. At Acclamar, we understand the increased role that IT plays in your service. That is why we provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery for medical, dental, and optical care providers.

Backup and Disaster Recovery and Its Role in the Medical Profession

Redundancy can substantially limit downtime in the face of a disaster.

Healthcare providers are required to maintain high standards of data integrity. In regards to your IT, many of the challenges your practice faces include managing high volumes of data that include, medical records, diagnostic images, and financial information. With all this sensitive information available, it is crucial that your practice institutes a extremely secure and thorough backup process.

At Acclamar, we understand the pressures your organization is under and offer our secure backup and disaster recovery solution, that allows you to protect critical data without jeopardizing the the privacy of your patients. Our solution achieves medical records and presents you the peace of mind that you want when instituting a business continuity plan.

Some features of our backup and disaster recovery include:

  • Complete backup - Our solution is designed with the healthcare industry in mind. Redundancy is inherent through our thoroughly backed-up and easy-to-restore backup solution.
  • HIPAA Compliance - Our backup and disaster recovery provides data protection without compromising the privacy of your patients. It is a useful variable in maintaining a HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure.
  • Retention - An important variable is the ability of our HIPAA-compliant backup system to retain an unlimited number of revisions. This provides organizations a dynamic system that is capable keeping all files (and versions) completely protected and ready to restore.

Many organizations site business continuity as the main reason to institute a viable backup and disaster recovery solution. At Acclamar, we understand that, as a health care provider, your data is simply more valuable than your average company. To get more information about our HIPAA-compliant backup and disaster recovery solution, call us at 703-270-1007 and one of our trusted representatives will assist you find the solution that fits your needs.

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Acclamar, LLC was very responsive to our company's needs.

They were courteous, willing to help, and most importantly, did the job right the first time. The fees for completing the job were reasonable (given the scope of the work needed to be done). The co-owner was available much of the time by phone/e-mail, and uploading documents to a secure server was very easy.

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