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More than other businesses, healthcare providers rely on the security of their IT infrastructure.

Computing security is crucial for any business. In the healthcare field it is more than that, however: It is mandatory. If your organization's ability to properly provide care is being threatened by lapses in network security, it is time to call the professional technology consultants at Acclamar to assess your infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Versed in industry best practices as well as a complete understanding of the rigors involved with keeping patient information secure, the professional technicians at Acclamar can present your practice all the help you need to keep your technology working for, and not against you.

At Acclamar, we realize that there are constant threats to the well-being of your practice, this is one of the main reasons why we work with organizations like yours. We understand what is at stake, and we know how best to set your organization up to be successful in warding off the security pitfalls that can plague healthcare providers. We can present your organization with the technology to securely send patient records, called Electronic Medical Records (EMR), to ensure you are able to have the up-to-date information that you need to provide the best care. Some ofther security options include some of the industry's most reliable solutions, such as:

  • Proactive Monitoring - Nearly every major security threat that results in problems can be eliminated by being proactive. Since medical records are very personal documents, you need a system that protects their integrity; and in turn, the integrity of your patients.
  • Firewall - Using our Unified Threat Management solution, we can include an enterprise-level firewall that works to keep malicious entities out of your network. Our UTM is easy to set up and manage and comes with dynamic options apart from the comprehensive firewall, such as VPN access, content filtering, and email spam reduction features.
  • Data Leak Prevention - For HIPAA-compliant systems, it is mandatory that sensitive data is not compromised. Our identity-based security solution provides the HIPAA-compliant security protocols that your practice needs to keep your patients' personal and financial information safe.
  • Email Encryption - We provide email security solutions to keep your sensitive emails and the data they hold protected against public viewing.

All healthcare providers can increase productivity and reduce cost by implementing a secure access point for network resources and applications. To find out more about our security solutions that are geared specifically for healthcare providers, call us today at 703-270-1007 and one of our knowledgeable technicians can present you with a conscientious IT security program that's allow your organization to provide the security your patients expect.

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