Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Strategic tax preparation and planning services for SMEs in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. The experts at Acclamar, LLC are here to help!

Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Financial success is the goal of every for-profit business. But lately, you may be wondering how you can achieve this goal when costs keep rising, and every year you feel like you have more to do and less money to do it with.

Acclamar has the answer.

Whether itís healthcare, insurance, or manufacturing, our certified public accountants help your business achieve financial success through strategic tax preparation and planning that increases revenues and reduces your tax obligations - legally.

We are there for you all year long, not just at tax time. We care about your business and work with you to set up your accounting systems in a way that makes it easy to get the tax benefits you deserve as a small business owner.

In other words, we make sure your business is headed in the right direction: toward positive cash flow.

How We Help Your Business

Hereís an example that illustrates why it is so critical to obtain expert advice when it comes to tax planning:

A small business owner contacted us one day requesting help closing his business. The books were a mess and he had no idea how to fix it. Our experienced CPAs took a look at his books and explained how the accounting system he had set up wasnít as effective as it could be. We set up a new accounting system for the business and provided training. The company is still in business.

Tax preparation is also a component of achieving financial success. Filing taxes correctly and on time avoids costly penalties. Not only that, you may be missing out on tax write-offs that could lower your tax burden.

Increase Your Cash Flow and Plan for the Future

Contact Acclamar, LLC today to learn how to reduce your tax obligation and develop a strategic plan that will save your company money now and in the years to come.

Call (703) 270-1007 today to see how we can help with your business tax filings, or just fill out the form below.

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