Expertise & Experience Doesn't Happen Overnight

Acclamar doesn’t live in a silo. Our deep knowledge of information technology, bookkeeping | accounting, cybersecurity, and compliance has been years in the making and continues to evolve.  Acclamar has been serving local government and the private sector in the Virgina, Maryland, and Washington DC since 2010, we’re continuously developing new ways to help our clients achieve their financial and business goals, foster their business growth, and help them navigate the complicated world of security and compliance with clear, straightforward solutions.

Simply put, we are focused on helping our customers solve challenges, rather than selling them things they don’t need.

Acclamar Mission

Acclamar mission is to help small and medium businesses achieve their business goals by strategically providing unique Financial & Information Technology solutions tailored to help them to achieve their business adjectives and to foster business growth.

Wealth of Experience

We go that extra mile to understand the inner workings of the companies that we serve. We offer a team of knowledgeable professionals who will nurture your vision and give it life.

Core Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide an array of services for businesses seeking to operate as a Fortune 500 company, by helping them to leverage technology in their business and to run their business by the financial numbers to strengthen and advance their business vision.

Additionally, our firm is committed to developing relationships while providing professional, responsive, and quality services to our clients.